Denver Organizational Structure

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The City and County of Denver as a whole runs under a traditional organization structure. I work for the City Attorney’s Office or CAO as it is often referred. Our organization used to fall under the traditional structure, however, that recently changed when they re-evaluated the efficiency in which our department was ran. Now we fall under a horizontal organization structure which is comprised of a team, network, and boundaryless structures, “Boundaryless structures eliminate internal and external boundaries (Schermerhorn Jr., J.R. and Bachrach, D.G., 2015, p. 253). It creates teamwork and communication, making information sharing continuous. When we switched to this structure it created a stronger, cohesive team that worked together towards…show more content…
The formal structure has the City attorney at the top of the organizational chart. There is a director and assistant director who are responsible for overseeing the entire office. There are four supervisors who report directly to the assistant director.
This is where the boundaryless structure comes into effect. Each courtroom is staffed with a legal secretary, a paralegal, a victim advocate and two assistant city attorneys. We also have one or two interns that work within the team, at any given time, which saves money since they are unpaid or paid minimally. Interns typically stay for three months to one year and become an important part of the team. These teams work cohesively with one another to bring justice.
This structure fosters communication, individuals in each working group will never say it is not their job, instead they work together and help each other through collaboration, time management, and basic job functions. They give constructive feedback to one another which makes the team stronger. Constructive feedback is “the process of telling someone else how you feel about something that person said or did” (p. 425). This is proactive and eliminates the need for the supervisor to step in and resolve internal conflict within the team. Proxemics inside of the courtroom work well, however, the physical layout of the office does not allow for connectedness. This could be easily corrected by
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