Deontological Ethics

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Deontological Ethics in Location-based Social Media There are so many location aware applications on my “smart” phone; I do not know how I could have lived without these features. There are applications that tell me where is the closes gym that I am a member of. There are applications that give me information on the weather of the current city. There are even applications that will locate the closest “driver” to taxi me wherever I want to go. And of course, all these can be shared on facebook or various other social networking sites. With the narrowing gap of our online presence and real life, these bring on various questions on the data that we provide and who can see. As with all technology issues in the current age, privacy is a…show more content…
In the gadget world, this has been a huge issue with every handset manufacturer suing eachother, wanting courts to put injunctions on their products so they don’t have a competition. The end result might be that the company sells few more gadgets but stifles the competition hurting the users. The flipside is true for these manufacturers. While these intellectual properties’ specific process might be easy to judge, design processes are subjective. When companies sue and win injunctions on other gadgets because they “look alike” would be immoral in that while they reach an end result they might prefer, they are going about in an obscure way. The users will have to use these services with their moral conscience as well. A user could encounter a service at a restaurant that they pay for that is not up to the standards; they can post up on Yelp or similar review sites about that restaurant. These reviews are valuable to the restaurants and they will do the best they can to please the customers. If the reviews are malicious in nature, they will not be moral. However, if the review is a critique of the restaurant in a manner that it will bring light to the issues, it will be moral. Moral absolutism states that some actions are absolutely right or wrong. If providers are not clear with their intentions on how to use the user’s location based data
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