Deontology And Utilitarianism In The Movie : Iron Man

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From the movie “Iron Man” we see that Tony Stark has made some decisions that are serious ethical decisions, the following are five examples. When Tony Stark is imprisoned by a terrorist group, and is asked to make Jericho missile, he refuses to do so. He is doing it for benefit of the larger in the world, despite that he might be in danger. This is the right decision justified by utilitarianism and virtue theory. Tony declares to shut down weapon manufacturing division, he does it for “the highest good of this country and the world.” This is the right decision justified by virtue theory, but wrong decision justified by deontology and utilitarianism for his lack of consideration of the whole picture. Tony goes to the war zone to save innocent civilians, it is against the policy but he is doing it for a good purpose, it is a right decision according to virtue theory. When asked by Lieutenant Colonel if he has any technology that should be known, Tony tries to keep a secret. This is probably a wrong action according to deontology and utilitarianism, because his technology might be used for more things. Tony wants to know about the deal that his company has made under the table, and tries to correct it. This is a right decision justified by virtue theory, because he wants to make sure that his business don’t cross the line. When Tony decides to shut down the weapon manufacturing division of his company, he wants to make sure that his company is not disobeying his wish - to
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