Deoxy Dna Research Paper

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Deoxy ribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains genetic instructions used to grow and develop all the organisms. The main role of the DNA molecule is the long-term storage of genetic information. DNA is often compared to a set of maps, because it contains the instructions needed to make all other components of the cell, such as protein molecules and RNA (Ribonucleic Acid). DNA fragments carrying genetic information are called genes, but other segments in the DNA chain also have construction goals or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information.
DNA is chemically a long polymer of simple building blocks called nucleotides, whose framework consists of sugars and phosphate groups that are linked by steric bonds.
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The stairs of this ladder are bases and their two bases of phosphate and sugar groups in one form. The joints connected to a DNA chains complement the chains attached to the DNA. If there is an A on chain 1, T will be opposite on chain 2, and if there is a T on chain 1, A will be opposite to chain 2. The same way the pairing between C and G occurs. Two pairs of hydrogen bonding are approximately the same length. As a result, the two double helix chains are spaced apart.
DNA is organized within structures called chromosomes. These chromosomes are doubly replicated prior to cell division in a process called DNA replication. In eukaryotes, like animals, plants and fungi, DNA is located within the cell nucleus, while in prokaryotes, like bacteria, DNA is located within the cell cytoplasm. In chromosomes, chromatin proteins such as "histones" cause the DNA to be condensed and organized. This dense structure guides the interaction between DNA and other proteins and helps for controlling that which DNA sections should be copied.
DNA is soluble in water and invisible While it is insoluble in alcohol, it is deposited in it and can be seen. That's why for extracting DNA and for it to be visible, alcohol; get used. By adding alcohol to the solution, the straightened DNA appears in the DNA test tube.
DNA technology has many applications which some of them are briefly written
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