Department 8101

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Department 8101 analysis The conflict over power within a group can be handled in a constructive or destructive manner. When groups work through conflict in a constructive manner the outcomes can benefit opposing sides with the development of more creative solutions. When conflict is handled in a destructive manner, the interaction will be wrought with competition and there will be a failure to see the common goals. All groups will have conflicts to work through. It is the group’s ability to progress towards achieving their goals and not let interpersonal conflicts derail their success. The use of power by individuals in department 8101 and the destructive manner in which it was used greatly outweighed the opportunity for any…show more content…
The group felt that she would need to conform to the group’s norms that were already in place. Rita failed to use her charismatic power. She was observing while the supervisors from the other shifts acclimated her to the department. She did not make any attempts to talk to the employees within the department during the first week of her transition into her new role as supervisor. She should have used that week to interact with the department personnel, ask question about their duties, and observe the inner-workings of the department. Many other people within the department used avoidance power. They had the ability to step up and talk to Rita about the difficulties that were occurring, but chose not to. If someone in the group would have taken the initiative to explain the interpersonal relationships and how the group typically dealt with issues, Rita would have had an increased understanding of the department’s inner workings. With more background knowledge of the roles and how she could fit within the department, the transition into the supervisor role could have gone more smoothly. This would have effectively diminished many of the obstacles the group encountered. Hocher and Wilmot define conflict as “an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce rewards, and interference from the other party in
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