Department Business Targets Into Our Daily Routines

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department business targets into our daily routines. Using the MBO methodology of collaborative planning GTPLS Gippsland operation has developed an activity-based strategic plan that focuses on our efforts towards the delivery of specific outcomes. These outcomes will in turn, lead to the achievement of our goals and reaching the company’s vision. The success of this plan / strategy relies on a commitment to implementation and regular monitoring of our progress no matter what we strive to achieve with the business planning process it will become an exercise in 'theory ' unless there are mechanisms by which progress towards our stated outcomes are reviewed and measured. To that end, the introduction of performance measurement is the key to this plan and The Company’s financial management (including contracted accountant) will be responsible for collation of data and monitoring of business plan activities for presentation at proposed monthly management meeting’s with the key performance information being formally reported to management and GTPLS staff at that time. While dedicated planning is essential, rigid adherence to a faulty plan will lead to poor performance or failure. A key aspect of successful planning is ongoing evaluation and flexibility, and it is intended that this plan will be reviewed on a regular basis. This will ensure that all key business targets and activities remain appropriate mechanisms for achieving both company’s sales targets and strategic goals.

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