Department Of Civil End Environmental Engineering

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Department of civil end environmental engineering Temple University, Philadelphia Fall 2015

Term Paper: Construction Contract Court Cases

• Boone Coleman Construction, Inc. vs. Village of Piketon.
• J.D. Eckman, Inc. Vs. Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

Submitted to:
Dr. Phillip Udo-inyang

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course:
CEE3311- Construction Engineering

Done By:
Imad Barrouh

Due Date:

Case #1: The nonreinforcement of liquidated damages

Case #: 2014-Ohio-2377, 13CA836- appeal.
Title: – liquidated damages were held unenforceable.
Parties involved:
• Boone Coleman Construction, Inc.
• Village of Piketon
Project specifications:
• Name: project for roadway improvements
• Type: public construction project for roadway improvements
• Contract Amount: $683,300
• Location: Village of Piketon, Ohio
Place and Date of the court/case:
Place: The Court Of Appeals Of Ohio Fourth Appellate District Pike County
Date: May 22nd, 2014
Case Summary:
The defendant in that case was the Village of Piketon, Ohio, which solicited bids for a public construction project for roadway improvements. Plaintiff, Boone Coleman Construction, Inc. was the low bidder on the project. Boone Coleman was the low bidder on a road project for the City of Piketon. Boone’s scope of work included the construction of a new traffic signal, a retaining wall, and…
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