Department Of Housing And Urban Development (Hud) And Conducted

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Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau (Census) have collaborated to create the American Housing Survey (AHS), the most comprehensive national housing survey in the United States, providing data used to monitor and assess housing supply and demand. HUD’s goal is to increase visibility and usage among priority audiences. In order to do that, HUD must make the content discoverable and user-friendly to people that may benefit from its use. In previous documents, functional users have been identified as policy analysts, program managers, budget analysts, Congressional staff, the executive and legislative branches, regional, state and local governments, NGOs, trade groups, media, academic…show more content…
Once they arrive at the landing page, they can begin to assess data at their own pace. 2. Discoverability: Disseminate the nuggets where relevant conversation is taking place. These can be online, offline and in person. Also, arm an army of ambassadors with the campaign messages, as well as the approved insights. Insights The insights will be designed as teasers for people go for a deeper dive into the numbers, and extract their own insights. In order to select these insights, Penngood will align with a statistician to mine the data to pull out stories pertinent to each audience, as well as those that have universal interest. We will strive to make relevant connections between data points and economics, cultural, and social trends, as well as drilling down into specific audiences (eg generations, market-specific, first time homeowners) to show the broad capabilities of the dataset. Importantly, we will create visual representations of the data/insights to enhance interest and interactivity. These will result in the creation of such artifacts as: • Infographics (quantity ???) • Fact sheets (quantity ???) • Social assets (quantity ???) For examples of work by our data visualization partner, please see here). It is also important to know that the insights will all be housed under one overarching message, and one singular call to action: •
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