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Organization Structure

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i. Introduction ii. Organization structure iii. Team Management iv. Functional Organization structure
v. References

Business Research Report
I. Introduction:
Organization structure is a system of frame work which clearly defines roles and responsibilities of each job for attaining organization goals with smooth workflow. It gives clear guidelines to employees and also binds them together. The organization structure plays an important role in organization’s development, it may vary or change at any time in an organization; structure may vary from one organization to other organization. It mainly operates on set of rules set by an organization, deals with governance within the organization, clearly distributes the work, roles and responsibilities according to the grading levels, and also results in good communication making productivity more efficient and more efficient.
According to “Your Article Library” the following are the eight different types of organizational structure
1. Line organizational structure
2. Staff or Functional organizational structure
3. Line & staff organizational structure
4. Divisional organizational structure
5. Project organizational structure
6. Matrix organizational structure
7. Hybrid…

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