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DEPARTMENT OF URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING Jackson State University History of Planning (URP 500)-MID-TERM EXAM DUE--October 14, 2016, by 5:00PM Directions: Please answer all the following questions. Total points 30. In 1926, the Village of Euclid vs Amber Realty Corporation was a historical event in planning, why? It was the first significant case that addressed the new practice of zoning, and served to substantially boost to zoning ordinances in towns nationwide in the United States and in other countries. In the case of Village of Euclid vs. Ambler Realty Corporation; Ambler Realty owned 68 acres of land in the Village of Euclid, a suburban neighbor in Cleveland, Ohio. The village, in attempt to prevent Cleveland industrializing their suburban neighborhood on November 13, 1922, general counsel created a zoning ordinance for Euclid as an effort to stop the growth of industry which would ultimately change the dynamics of the Euclid community. The zoning ordinance included 6 classes of use, 3 classes of height, and 4 classes of area. The property that Ambler Realty owned was divided into the three different areas of classes and it prevented Ambler Realty from developing the land for industrial purposes. Ambler Realty filed the lawsuit because of the zoning ordinance that they said ultimately decrease the value of the land, limited the use of the land, prevented the sale of the land and the also claimed that it violated their right to due process. Amber
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