Department Of Wellness Case Study

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Today the Colvin will be giving its visitors a visual representation of its facility’s through words. The Colvin is often referred to as the Department of Wellness, and their goal, according to the Department of Wellness’ website, is “being committed to creating a healthy campus culture for students, faculty, and staff. The department seeks to promote healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning through the highest quality programs in the areas of recreation and wellness” (Our Mission). The Colvin has three floors, all have been renovated within the last decade, and are continuously being checked for improvements. The bottom floor of the Colvin is one of the more intriguing floors because it has more things to do than the others floors. To…show more content…
On the left is the free weight area. The free weight area contains multiple lifting racks, benches, and dumbbells. The dumbbells range from 5 pounds to 130 pounds, also near the dumbbells are the EZ barbells which range from 20 to 90 pounds. Next to this there are multipurpose racks used for various lifts and on top of those there are pullup bars.
There are three entrances to the free weight area, next to the side entrance is a multipurpose machine designed for a variety of different lifts. Nearby those machines there is an abdominal room used for core work. In that room there are medicine balls, rubber balls, light weight free weights ranging from 2.5 pounds to 35 pounds, two decline benches used for crunches and other assorted core work, three regular benches, two long cushion matts, plated weights, and a stretching rack. The other side entrance that connects to the free weight area is about thirty feet from the stairs. In between that area is a long walkway that contains multiple different machines. Ranging from the leg press machine to a push press machine, there is a machine for every muscle group. Also in that area is one of the more popular attractions at the gym it is the dip machine; it is designed for pull ups, triceps dips, and core work there is almost always someone on this. The last entrance to the free weights is located directly in front of the mirror. Outside of this entrance are the lockers. There are two options
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