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Department Stores are Struggling! Ashley Pearson FYS: History of Providence Professor Hughes December 17, 2012 In 2012 department stores in Providence are struggling. When one takes a drive through Providence the main retail stores are in the Providence Place Mall. From an outsider’s point of view it doesn’t look like these stores are struggling. After all, everyone in Providence knows where this tremendous mall is. What people do not know is that in reality they are headed downhill. These stores are department stores. A department store is a large retail store carrying a wide variety of merchandise and organized into various departments for sales and administrative…show more content…
By 1986, the ultimate fate of the Big O was decided by a grand fire.[15] Afterwards, Johnson and Wales University soon cleared the site and its built dorms in the Big O’s place. If you drive down Weybosset Street today you will still be able to see the tremendous clock tower that was once owned by The Outlet. The Shepards department store was another department store that rose and fell in Providence’s earlier years. Shepards was the department store that was the biggest rival to The Outlet. It opened in 1880 at the corner of Westminster and Clemence Streets. According to Midge Frazel, customers could shop and have your purchases sent by delivery truck to your home if you lived near the city.[16] This would create an easy and affordable way to get the items you needed, especially if you needed a bunch of items! Shepards was also one of the three department stores that were connected by the Tri-Strore Bridge. This bridge connected Gladding, Shepards and Cherry & Webb. The bridge was built shortly before 1900.[17] The bridge encouraged people to not only go to one of the stores, but all three. So, if you liked one store you were apt to go to try the other by just walking through
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