Department of Human Services Code of Conduct

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Department of Human Services Code of Ethics
Rebecca Metz
October 17, 2012
Eric Landis

Department of Human Services Code of Ethics
In this paper the Code of Ethics from the Department of Human Services will be discussed. General information about the company, the company’s mission statement, the type of ethical system used by the company and how and when the company uses it will be talked about. Thoughts of why the company may need to modify their existing code of ethics will be included, reactions to the code of ethics that employees and managers may have and the acceptance of the code of ethics within the company and affects it has.
“The mission of the Department of Human Services is to help individuals and families
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From personal experience I think that everything in the Code of Conduct is expressed thoroughly, I think if anything needs to be changed it how well employees and management are watched. Rules are not always followed as well as people being treated fairly.
A reaction expected to the Code of Ethics is respect. Each employee is responsible for making reasonable decisions that are in the best interest of the company. Employees are given this position and are expected to be in compliance with the Code of Ethics; respecting all rules and regulations. As a former employee I was responsible to have the client’s best interest at hand and conduct the company with integrity, honesty and in a highly ethical manner. Management expected us to maintain our professionalism and try to help the clients as much as possible.
Kathleen Sebelius (Health and Human Services worker) asked; “How can we serve Americans better? What can be done less expensively, faster and with greater transparency?” Staff and management from different human and health service agencies got together to develop a Strategic Plan and goals for the next five years. A few of the goals they have in vision are transforming health care, advance scientific knowledge and information, advance the health, safety and well-being of the American people, increase efficiency, transparency and accountability of HHS programs and
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