Department of Veterans Affairs Strategic Challenge Essay

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Department of Veterans Affairs Strategic Challenge The Department of Veterans Affairs are constantly performing and perfecting innovative services to veterans as they strive to provide quality services in the 21st century to veteran and their families. The Department of Veterans affairs hopes to build their services on the principles of being more person centered toward the care they provide, providing measurable results , and by continuing to look at future services needed for veterans. This paper will examine the challenges, plans, and goals that would need to be in place so that the Department of Veterans Affairs can continue to meet their strategic challenges. The Department of…show more content…
The final example would be how the Department of Veterans Affairs have implemented storefront Vet Centers ran by War Vets in rural areas for veterans to have more accessibility for services to vet by vet. Work Process, and key employees The Department of Veteran Affairs along with the Department of Defense who is also a key partner in planning to implement their actions across the whole organization while using collaborative resources from employees , stakeholders, political officiates. To achieve this they also participates in government plan activities, held joint meeting and cross the board working session with administrators and managers. The Department of Veterans Affairs implemented strategic Human Resources practices, updated policies, and procedures to align with the mission, issues surveys and gather up to date research as well as performance review and quarterly reports. The VA also developed a process to keep informed with the Department from Congressional committees. The Department of Veterans Affairs it seems they use the best practice approach to make changes for continuous improvement. The Department of Veteran affairs use a quality assurance team made up of various department staff to run quarterly review on all services. However, it still seems to be a down side, the Department of Veteran Affairs need to take more immediate actions with the result from their
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