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| ADVANTAGES OF DEPARTMENTAL STORES | | 1. The departmental store provides all facilities under one roof to enable the customer to by all his requirements.
2. The central location attracts a good number of customers which increases the sales turnover.
3. Large variety of goods is stored. This has a special appeal to the customers.
4. The financial strength of departmental store enables it to have experts in all sections.
5. Centralized buying helps them to get merchandise at lower cost together with advantages in transporting, storing etc. More Notes on ADVANTAGES OF DEPARTMENTAL STORES | | CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION | | The third element in marketing mix is to find out appropriate ways through which goods are to be made
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People musts have need or want for a specific product. This forms the third component of consumer marketing.

Even when there are people with money to spend and with a desire to buy the type of things that are produced, still one cannot say that there exists a market. In a competitive economy, exclusively based on consumer choice, a consumer can satisfy his need with a variety of items. And, most of these products are quite similar and need not necessarily be the one currently (or newly) manufactured.

For example, take the case of soaps or powders. There are innumerable varieties produced by various manufacturers and there are also various brands produced by a single manufacturer. Same is the case with most of the consumer products. It is here that the fourth component of the consumer marketing appears on the scene-the willingness of he consumer to satisfy his need or want with a particular brand or item.Thus, from the point of view of a manufacturer, the consumer market is only that segment of the people who can afford to buy his product, who have need for it, and who are willing to buy the product in preference to all similar products sold by other manufacturers. More Notes on CONSUMER MARKETING | | ELEMENTS OF SELLING | | In the literature on marketing there is no other functions which attracts more attention than selling. The credit for this definitely goes to
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