Department's Strategic Objectives, And Key Services

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The purpose of this memo is inform staff of the new IT department’s structure. This document outlines the department’s strategic objectives, and key services they it provides.
Leadership Philosophy
As the new CIO of RR the leadership philosophy that I have adopted revolves around getting the tools needed to the people that need them. For instance, providing the financial team with a system that allows quickly report information up the chain. The management style that I find most effective is to actively involve it the status of projects in order to provide guidance or additional support as needed to complete the goal.
Internal IT Strategies
This IT department’s new strategic are as follows:
Maintain current information security procedures. This internal business strategy involves ensuring every person at RR is up-to-date with current information security producers. This will help prevent customer information from being stolen and the costs associated with a breach.
Switch to virtual machines instead of physical servers. This internal business strategy aligns with the overall mission to reduce costs by 5% to fund new projects, such as providing warehousing services to customers. In addition, updating this technology will reduce manpower needed to upkeep servers and free them to work on other projects.
Simplify data entry method for maintenance information. This internal business strategy aligns with RR’s goal to improve the maintenance cycle and reduce the…
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