Dependence By Octavia E. Butler

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Dependence in Fledgling Dependence is a very broad term that encompasses multiple different aspects of peoples’ lives. It can be defined in a wide range of subjects including, but not limited to, obsessions-compulsions, material reliance, and financial dependency. However, dependence is most commonly used in terms of interpersonal relationship and substance addiction. An intertwined combination of these two types of dependency is explored in Fledgling, a science fiction vampire novel written by Octavia E. Butler. In her novel, Butler portrays dependence as a natural component of symbiotic relationships with many varying forms of expression. Based on this, she also shows a connection between co-dependence and addiction while still…show more content…
Like so, the experience is described as beneficial to both people. After Shori reunites with her father, Iosif, both Shori and the readers are informed that “human blood is most satisfying to [them] and fortunately, [they] don’t have to injure the humans [they] take it from” (63). Based on this quote, the Ina-symbiont relationship would be better classified as commensalism, where one organism benefits while the other is not affected. However, Butler further stresses the mutualistic relationship between the Ina and their symbionts by noting the other positive effects from the venom injected during feeding. For example, the venom strengthens their immune system, lengthens their lives by around 100 years, and makes them heal faster. In other words, they will become much “healthier, stronger and harder to kill than they would be without [their Ina]” (63). In this mutualistic relationship, the Ina depends on their symbionts as a source of fuel just as much as the symbionts depends on their Ina for health, but mainly feelings of pleasure and alleviation. However, when Ina misuse their abilities to use “humans as weapons” and tools, it can be viewed as a parasitism (257). Parasitic symbiotic relationships involve one organism benefiting at the cost of another organism. For instance, Iosif bit Raleigh Curtis, a local resident near

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