Dependence Of Man On The Environment

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Water Quality and Contamination
Cynthia-Rose P. Vidal
SCI 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
Daniel Hands
November 10, 2014

Introduction In this lab, we explored the water quality and the effect it has based from different contaminates. Contaminates are unwanted chemicals in the environment or in living organisms, which may be harmful to plants, animals, or humans. Some contaminates that we as humans, may not think contaminate our water supply are oil from us washing our used cooking oil down the drain, vinegar which gives off a foul odor to our drinking water, and laundry detergent when we wash our laundry. The water is then sent down to where our ground water is without the knowledge of the contaminated water being filtered before turning into drinking water. Studies show that drinking water in many U.S. areas are polluted with nitrate. Nitrate is a form of nitrogen that, when not managed with care, can move downward through the soil and contaminate ground water supply, (Seft, D. 1995). If ground water contamination is severe than the water supply must be left as a source of drinking water, however, if the ground water can be cleaned and filtered, then it has the potential to be reused and used to provide drinking water. By determining the effects some contaminates have on our water supply it will give us a better understanding on what we can do to help filter the water better. In developing a hypothesis on water contamination I predicted
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