Dependence Of Man On The Environment

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Final Lab Report Terri Buchwald SCI 207: Dependence of man on the environment Jacqueline Poole March 14, 2016 Final Lab Report The lab report focuses on the experiments showing how contaminated water can be turned into uncontaminated water. The process was interesting to do, as well, watch happen with my own two eyes. The three experiments completed were: 1. Effects of Groundwater Contamination, 2. Water Treatment, and 3. Drinking Water Quality. During the experiment I used the tools provided in the Lab Kit, which included: Glass Beakers, gravel, sand, charcoal, cheesecloth, oil, and detergent, different brands of water, vinegar, alum, and bleach. All of which showed the contamination of the water once I started the…show more content…
“Sources of drinking water are subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing contaminants. Contamination of drinking water supplies can occur in the source water as well as in the distribution system after water treatment has already occurred. There are many sources of water contamination, including naturally occurring chemicals and minerals (for example, arsenic, radon, and uranium), local land use practices (fertilizers, pesticides, and concentrated feeding operations), manufacturing processes, and sewer overflows or wastewater releases” (Prevention, 2014). The purpose of the experiments that we did, were to show from doing several test, using the provided tools, would show how contaminated water was undrinkable. If we do not clean contaminated water, we will not survive, nor will other creatures on Earth. Once I started cleaning the contaminated water, I found that it was drinkable again, which proves that contaminated water can be treated and drinkable again. In 2006 I was diagnosed with an illness related to drinking contaminated water. Doctor said that the bacteria had been dormant in my system for years. He stated that it was from drinking tainted well water. Well water, I said, he said yes…I had explained that I had not had well water since I was a child, that I lived on a ranch growing up, and that our water was provided by a
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