Dependence On What Matters The Most : Rough Draft

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Dependence On What Matters the Most: Rough Draft The world has depended on its resources for millions of years and John Steinbeck has put the resources to work in a dependent way through the labor of his writing. Steinbeck gives the reader something that everyone can relate to. He allows the public to connect to an emotional level by presenting the reader with a blend of social consciousness and sentimental value to bring out the true inner self. Work in literature can appear to be so simple, but yet have such a complex and deep meaning. Due to the stock market crash in October 1929, majority of the public was wiped off their feet and thrown face first in the dirt. This unparalleled time period was known as The Great Depression. The Depression changed many lives drastically in a melancholy way and brought out the real values in people that were never seen before. Nearly every family went from living a mediocre lifestyle to being struck in a disposition with poverty. Even those who have inherited abundant amounts of money were no longer able to flaunt all they had received. Steinbeck’s writing does not demonstrate the shallow outside picture; his writing gets into the deep gritty detail that brings out the real values of the desired time period. John Steinbeck contributed to the American voice by drawing the reader out of their own reality and into his own fantasy by giving the character’s relatable traits through their actions and not their words. With this in mind it is

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