Dependence on Tecnology

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19 julio 2014
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Technology’s Takeover: Is it too Late to Unplug?
“Though technology has allowed us to improve and modify traditional tasks, it has also clouded our realization of the dependency we have on it” (Sala).
Ever since men’s first thoughts, technology, as a synonym for development, has been around. From the first fire pit, to the first boat design, and finally to the first electronic device, through eras, the human race has managed to discover more ways to do things faster and easier, and to make their life simpler. The object of this research is to persuade and to inform the general public interested in technological impacts and the negative effects it has brought to those who over use it and also to
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As a consequence, most of the time they fail or obtain low grades. Excessive use of technology causes the creativity of human beings to decrease which is very dangerous for mankind’s education.
Said by many, the phrase “without my phone I feel naked”, has become a trend, and people’s minds have actually come to believe it is true until they convince themselves that that is the way to feel when being away from their latest purchased electronic gadget. Technological development can bring easiness to people’s daily activities whether at work or at school, but as journalist Chanie Kirschner mentioned in her article “ 7 signs we are too dependent on technology”, “too much of it, can leave you stressed and strung-out”(1). Also, “recent developments in technology such as the Internet led to a decline in ‘normal’ social behavior” (Nables). Not even two decades ago one could spend a whole day without seeing anyone known to him/her. After technology’s rage, everyone is within a hand’s reach taking that desirable feeling out of seeing people. It feels like they are around every minute hearing about their latest move as soon as they do it in what we call a ”status”. In addition, almost everything is technology-related. Books are read on tablets, people can go shopping to an “online mall”’, work from the comfort of their home’s desktop computer among many other technologically changing the way humans regularly execute

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