Dependency Reduces Conflict

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Conflict is something that is inherent in human nature, however when one is dependent on another it reduces the likelihood of conflict. This is apparent in the new world economic and international system. The creation of interdependence not only reduces the probability of war between nations but it allows for more peaceful resolutions. This essay will focus on firstly understanding the way in which economic interdependence is possible (embedded liberalism), highlighting issues of what would happen if this system weren’t in place and finally how this system renders war an unattractive solution. Economic globalization and economic integration does not annihilate conflict but it does reduce the probability of war by providing incentives to dialogue between nations due to economic interdependence. Economic globalization and economic integrations are possible due to embedded liberalism. In this system economic globalization is the interdependence of national economies as well as economic integration, which is the unification of economic policies (Wong, February 10th, 2014, lecture 16). Keynesian logic applied to international system via a counter-cyclical stimulus where governments only interfere according to the natural inflation and deflation of the market, as form of compromise between Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the market and List’s visible hand of government (Wong, January 27, 2014, lecture 14). The idea behind embedded liberalism is that it would create international
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