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86. Briefly explain what the opening of a document should accomplish.
ANSWER: The opening of a shorter document should be relevant, interesting, and geared to the reader’s probable reaction. For longer messages, the first few paragraphs should establish the subject, purpose, and organization of the material. Conclusions should accomplish what two tasks?ANSWER: Conclusions should (1) summarize the main idea and (2) leave the audience with a positive impression.
88. Briefly describe at least three advantages of using lists in business documents.
ANSWER: Lists can show the sequence of your ideas, heighten their impact visually, and help readers find your key points. They also provide readers with clues, simplify complex subjects, highlight
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It also requires shortening sentences that begin with indefinite pronouns such as it and there. 99. Describe at least three types of software that can help you revise and polish a document.
ANSWER: Software tools such as revision marks and commenting keep track of proposed editing changes electronically and provide a history of a document’s revisions. A spell checker compares your document with an electronic dictionary, highlights unrecognized words, and suggests correct spellings. A computer thesaurus gives you alternative words much more quickly than a printed thesaurus does. A grammar checker provides limited help with issues such as noun-verb agreement problems and items you should consider changing (such as passive voice, long sentences, or words that tend to be misused or overused). Finally, a style checker monitors your word choice and sentence structure and suggests alternatives that might produce more effective meaning.
100. Explain the importance and process of proofreading. Why does it matter and what should you look for?
ANSWER: Proofreading is important because it is your last chance to make sure that your document is ready to carry your message—and your reputation—to the intended audience. When proofreading, you should check the document for errors from the writing, design, and layout stages, and mistakes that crept in during production. More specifically, you should be on the lookout for writing errors (such as

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