Depiction Of Muhammad As Cartoon Characters

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Depiction of Muhammad as Cartoon Characters How Charlie Hebdo Came About “We treat the news like journalists. Some use cameras, some use computers. For us, it’s a paper and pencil. A pencil is not a weapon. It’s just a means of expression,” this was quoted from a Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoonist by the name of Luz. Charlie Hebdo started in 1970 when there was a publication from Hara-Kari, was banned when there was an image poking fun at the former French Presidents death. Hara-Kari was the Charlie Hebdo before Charlie Hebdo. Charlie came from the original Charlie Brown comic books. Hebdo is a shorter version of the word hebedomadaire which is French for weekly. Charlie Hebdo made its name popular when they made up provocative cartoons that made fun of high-profile individuals that included celebrities, religious figures, and politicians. Francois Cavanna launched the original Charlie Hebdo that was then referred to as Hara-Kari. He was the editor of this magazine along with another gentleman. In 1981, the magazine, Charlie Hebdo, took a nose dive and stopped publication because they ran out of money and readers stopped supporting them. But, it resumed publication in 1992 (Gibson, 2015). When the magazine came back from the dead it was under the control of Philippe Val. Val was a French comedian who stayed there as editor for 17 years. This time around the fame of the magazine was because of a religious fundamentalism and the restrictions on freedom of

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