Depiction Of Women During Advertisements And Social Media

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Selfies.” The word well word known and used by just about every child and adult in America. Miriam Webster defines a selfie as “an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.” The key part of that definition is the inclusion of “especially for posting on social networks.” Because, after all, that 's what a lot of women do. Posting on social networks is what a lot of Americans in general do. The truth of the matter is that women dominate the usage of social media, but that doesn 't mean that they should be depicted anything other than the hardworking, daring, extraordinary people they are. The debate over the depiction of women in advertisements and social media is a prominent topic today. Women are increasingly becoming bolder members of society, breaking barriers that many thought could not be broken. For instance, with more than half of Canadian and U.S women working outside the home, and they should be accurately depicted for the hard working individuals that they are. Nonetheless, as we enter this new decade, there is a vital question that needs to be addressed. While the debate about whether or not advertisements depict women continues, the key issue is how women feel about the depiction of them in all types of advertisements regardless of what the advertisers themselves will do as a response. Do females trust that sponsors portray them in reasonable, versatile ways or do they feel they are shown as cliché
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