Depiction of Cultural and Religious Beliefs in Artwork

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Depiction of cultural and religious beliefs have been an important element in many artworks. The newly formed Early Christian religion, the Roman culture, and the Greek culture are no exception to this occurrence. Though living close in proximity to each other, their views differed vastly, in respect to both religion and culture. Roman and Greek views indulged the “here and now”, while those views of the Early Christians centered on the “hereafter”. It is upon the examination of a few artworks taken from either side, that this contrast becomes extremely apparent. Though there was an idea of an afterlife in Roman and Greek mythology, it was generally not taken seriously by the people. Thus the “All that is good in this worldly life, is the only good to seek” mentality prevailed. In their numerous artworks we see this mentality in the display of scenes of indulgence, of worldly matters, and finery. In fact, the purpose of the artwork itself is that it is meant to be a beautifying piece, to grace the homes and villas, and add to the beauty of this world. In the sculpture Discobolos different aspects of worldly good are identifiable. A youthful man with a well sculpted body poses in a way that accentuates his muscles, as he prepares to throw a discus. From this sculpture and many others similar to it, one can see first of all that there is a great respect for sports, which are an in the moment game. When playing or watching the sport, people receive an
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