Depiction of Women in Lyrics Essay

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Music has become ingrained within our every day lives. It ranges from the music we hear during commercials to popular mainstream artists playing over the radio, the lyrics of music has shaped roles and standards for both men and women. In the past four decades, lyrics have begun to increasingly depict sex, sexual violence and male dominance. With teenagers being the main audience for the music media the lyrics are typically aimed for that age group. Because of the targeted age group the lyrics have affected women mentally into a stereotypical role of women in society and has influenced teenagers into engaging in early sexual acts. There are two main sources where these messages could be found within the music media, they are rock and …show more content…
The Cock Rocker idealism is that females are mere images that are provided to please the male's preference. There are aggressive references to sexual acts which helps promote male sexuality. The Cock Rockers promote the idea that women should be seen as possessive, anti-free and those are the ultimate restriction on a male's life. A common explanation to this within lyrics is that women could be sexually repressed and are in need of male sexual attention (Reitsamer). Contemporary rock, regardless of which type is listened to have a tendency to depict women as mere sexual objects with no emotional relationship. More often than not, rock music promotes the idea of having sex with any individual; for instance songs such as Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, this song has both sexual acts and a reinforced idea that women are objects for sexual gratification. Gaye 's lyrics imply that he is in need for sexual acts and needs a girl, one lyric is “I can get on the telephone and call you up baby, and honey I know you'll be there to heal me” (Gaye). It is obvious that there is no real connection between the two other than a purely physical relationship for sex. Although in more recent rock lyrics there has become more equality between men and women, rap lyrics have become progressively worse and even more degrading to women. Many claim that rap music has caused sexist beliefs and stereotypes in both men and women, along with psychological
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