Depictions Of Women During The Golden Ass

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I will argue that the depictions of women in The Golden Ass seem to reinforce the gender stereotype of women to be lustful and manipulative nymphomaniacs because of the qualities of several female characters. The Golden Ass identifies the latent nature of women through several characters, namely: The woman from Corinth, who Lucius sleeps with, The wife from the story, the lover, and the jar, and Photis. First, I will analyze the woman from Corinth who sleeps with Lucius and how her qualities reinforce the gender stereotype. Next I will analyze the wife from the story: the lady and the jar, and how her qualities connect to the stereotype of women. Then, I will analyze the characteristics of Photis and how her qualities support the gender stereotype. Once I have established the distinct stereotypes present in these women the position that The Golden Ass reinforces stereotypes can be taken because it will be understood that the majority of women share their respective qualities and therefore live within the boundaries of their stereotype. Finally, I will refute the opposition to my claim. Perhaps the most compelling support of the racy female stereotype is the depicted actions of the lady of Corinth who made love to Lucius. Her embodiment of the female stereotype is important because it reinforces the commonality of these traits and therefore the validation of the gender stereotype. This character is lustful because she is greedy in her actions. When telling his story, Lucius

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