Deployment In Military

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The Deployment Deployment in the Army happens to about everyone. It’s a hard truth, but it happens. The soldiers are sent off to wherever they are needed, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and they put themselves in harm's way to protect our freedom. My dad served in the Army for a few years, and he was in this position for a year while my family was back home living in Germany. Waiting became the custom for us; to hear from him, talk to him, and eventually see him again when he came home. My dad was sent off in 2010 to Afghanistan and I was about nine years old at the time he left. We, my family, had been slowly anticipating -waiting- his send off knowing that he had to leave soon, and it was hard, especially as a little 4th grader. When the dreaded day came, we all jumped into his arms, giving him bear hugs, and watched him leave, following him with our eyes until we couldn’t see him anymore. From the moment we dropped him off at the airport, we started waiting; for feedback, for the next call, and for him to come back home in a year. Waiting for those precious moments to be with my dad again was like torture, but there was more to come and we had to continue on.…show more content…
But, we had to keep pushing on through it without Dad to support and help us from nearby. We had to wait once again, but slowly we were growing in anticipation and strength as the date to his homecoming was getting closer. One way that we demonstrated that was we made a paper chain for every day that we had left, and each day we would cut off a link making the chain smaller bit by bit. Pushing through these hard times, we realized more and more that what we were waiting for was extremely worth
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