Deportation Analysis

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According to the Pew Research Center (2014), in 2013 the Obama Administration deported a total of 438,421 unauthorized immigrants (Gonzalez-Barrera & Krogstad, 2014). These deportations were expounded upon certain races and unauthorized immigrants of specific ethnic background. More and more Americans want stricter immigration laws and fewer outsiders who are not native born out of the United states. By ensuing prejudice throughout the nation, deportation is as form of discrimination.
Deportation, like discrimination, excludes people of a specific race, religion, or ethnic background. Deportation categorizes the immigrant via visa status, with ethnicity, race or religion. Patrick Simon (2013), International Migration and Minorities Expert, states,
“Direct discrimination occurs if a person or a group is treated unfavorably because of their immigrant background. The second refers to a situation where formally equal treatment has, or is likely to have, the effect of disadvantaging immigrants, and that cannot be justified on
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Immigrants do not hold the same amount of freedoms that naturalized citizens and natives to America, since their rights can be taken away, just as David Cole (2010), Professor of Law at Georgetown University, mentions a groundbreaking case in his publication, “Are Foreign Nationals Entitled to the Same Constitutional Rights as Citizens?” (Cole, 2010). Cole (2010) states the perspective foreigners shouldn’t be allowed the same rights were backed in April 2003 after the supreme court case of Demore V. Kim (Cole, 2010; p 368). It was proved through judicial restraint of a 1996 mandatory detention of deportable immigrants who have been convicted of crimes (Cole, 2010; p 368). This court case basically found that immigrants, not being naturalized, can be detained because they will not have the same rights until granted
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