Depressed Parents : A Child 's Bad Behavior

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Reitz, Samantha
AP Capstone Period 9

Depressed Parents Lead to Depressed Kids

The finger is often pointed at the parents as an excuse for a child’s bad behavior, however this may be with good reason since parents have a huge affect on their child’s psychological development, leading to the way they act, good or bad. Raising a child to behave is not an easy task and this becomes considerably more difficult for parents suffering from some form of postpartum depression, parents who suffer from this are almost definitely going to negatively impact their child’s psychological growth in some way. According to the National Research Council, “Depression in parents has been consistently associated with a number of behavior problems and psychopathology in children, including higher rates of depression, earlier age of onset, longer duration, greater functional impairment, higher likelihood of recurrence, higher rates of anxiety, and higher rates and levels of severity of internalizing and externalizing symptoms and disorders in children and adolescents” (NCBI). There are three levels of depression a parent can suffer from, the mildest being the baby blues, then post partum depression, and the most severe, post partum psychosis. How do depressed parents affect the psychological development of their children? A child is susceptible to depression even before he or she is born. The National University of Singapore asked 157 expecting mothers to answer a questionnaire to assess…
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