Depressed Teenagers in Today’s Society Essay

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Depressed Teenagers in Today’s Society

Being depressed includes many feelings, and they can range from simply being fed up with the world to actually wanting to take one’s own life. I have been depressed before, but I have never wanted to commit suicide. I want to know why teenagers would become so depressed that they would even consider taking their lives. I want to answer the commonly asked questions about teenage depression. Why are teenagers today so depressed? Why do they feel like there is no way out for them except death? What causes teens to feel like there is no way out of their feelings of worthlessness? Does society have a negative impact on teenagers which leads to depression? I want to learn the answers to these
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In the beginning stages of my research I was planning on talking about how stress leads to depression in teenagers, but I realized that I could narrow the topic by focusing on depression itself and what can be done to help minimize it. There are different types of depression and there are also different methods to help reduce it. My research will primarily focus on teenage depression, the causes, the effects, and what can be done to eliminate it. Depression is an illness and all illnesses need to be cured. I do not believe that people want to go around depressed everyday. Suffering from depression is simply no healthy way to live. Although the basis of my paper will talk about depression I will also write about stress because in many causes stress is what causes depression to develop.

Bender, David L. Suicide: Opposing Viewpoints. 1999. San Diego: Greenhaven Press,

This book has many different sides to the issue of suicide. I am most interested with viewpoint number five on page seventy of the book. This section discusses depression and how it contributes to teen suicide. It states, “If someone is profoundly depressed, the option of suicide becomes the only option, the only way to control life and end the unremitting pain.” If teenagers are overly stressed they may feel that too much is in their hands. They simply can not deal with all of the pressure and they
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