Depression : A Common Mental Illness

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Silent Suffering Depression is a common mental illness affecting random people and the chance of prevalence is 10-15%. Individuals that are depressed have a higher chance of developing other illnesses and committing suicide. Although depression can be overcome, it may be difficult and everyone should learn the signs and symptoms as well as prevention methods in order to do so. If someone else is depressed, help should be given. Recovering from depression may be tough and require close friends and family, but with enough effort, it can be taken care of. Depression is something some people live with each and everyday. Although depression is not easy to get through, it is possible. Many people think of depression as being a sadness or a…show more content…
Major depression is a constant thought or feel or hopelessness, also knows as clinical depression. Persistent depressive disorder, also known as dysthymia, is a form of depression in which is much less severe but longer lasting. Bipolar disorder is is a disorder in which has alternating periods of depression and elation. Psychotic depression is another form of depression which involves psychotic actions, including hallucinations, and delusions of failure or worthlessness. Postpartum depression is different from the others being that it is just a complication of giving birth. Situational depression is a short form of depression, and it normally occurs after traumatic changes. Last but not least is atypical depression which is just like dysthymia except the difference is that there is an improved mood after a positive event. Depression is a very serious topic and is nothing to joke about. If someone around is being noticed as being depressed, tell someone who could solve it immediately, if nobody can be told, call or have whoever is depressed, call the depression hotline. Life has ups and downs and this is normal, but if emptiness and despair have taken control over one’s life, they may have depression. Understanding signs and symptoms is the first step to overcoming this problem. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people with
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