Depression : A Common Risk Factor For Suicide Behavior Essay

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Introduction Depression is one of common mental disorders. World Health Organisation (WHO) (2015) has estimated that depression affects 350million people of all ages worldwide. Depression has been seen as the leading cause of disability and the overall global burden of disease. People who are suffering from depression experience a constant feeling of sadness or loss of interest and pleasure in doing things they used to enjoy for at least two weeks along with other possible symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, poor or increased appetite, weight gain or loss, loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, difficulty in making decisions, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide (King, Davison, Neale & Johnson, 2007, p.231). In New Zealand, it has been estimated that one in six people experience serious depression at some time in their life. Depression has also been recognised as the most common risk factor for suicide behaviour (The Health Promotion Agency, n.d.). Globally, over 800 000 people commit suicide and die every year (WHO, 2015). Furthermore, depression is more common in women. Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (2014) reports that almost 18% of women have been diagnosed with depression, compared with 10.4% of men. This presents a significant sex difference in depression, and women aged 35 - 44 (21%) is more susceptible to depression among New Zealand’s population. According to WHO (2015), the contributing factors of depression
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