Depression : A Complex Mental Health Complication

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Depression is a complex mental health complication that is often treated with medications that control the flow and release of certain hormones and biological chemical. For many adults, however, the complications of depression may be attributed to a long term neurological complication. If you are living with depression, and you find that your condition worsens each year even when treatment is administered, you may have a condition known as spreading depression and the neurological implications should be considered. Spreading depression is a condition typically attributed to neurological complications and is noted as a form of depression that progressively worsens over time. When evaluated, adults with spreading depression are found to experience greater progressive complications in the gray matter of the brain which is typically similar to hypoxia symptoms. Just as when hypoxia occurs, and there is a lack of oxygen to the brain, such symptoms can be readily identified on evaluation of brain scan. So, when you struggle with progressive complications of depression, this same type of brain scan may be necessary. While a pre-existing neurological complication, such as migraines or concussion, can cause spreading depression to be more apparent, there are many adults who are perfectly healthy and experience complications with the gray matter of the brain. It is important, therefore, that you find a neurologist who is familiar with spreading depression to evaluate your health and
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