Depression: A Mental Disorder: Long-Term Treatment

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Depression Student’s Name Institution Depression is a mental disorder caused by too much stress. It affects a person’s mood leading to a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Depression might be a long-term disorder that requires long-term treatment. Counseling is one of the major treatments used. People with depressed mood may feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, angry, ashamed or restless (Hammen & Watkins, 2013). Lack of Concentration is something that a person is likely to suffer from. A person may also lack sleep due to too much stress. In moments of bereavement, a person is likely to suffer from depression due to prolonged sadness. Depression might be caused…show more content…
This include, childhood a child might have been neglected, mentally abused, physically abuse or any other form of unfair treatment by a parent or a guardian this occurrence may lead to depression. At other times someone is unemployed, and one might be stressed since one cannot find something to do (Judd, 1995). Occupation related pressure might lead one to depression especially if the job one is taking too much energy, time and finances from a person. Genetics might also be a cause of the mental disorder in which a family might have a history of depression. It is then viewed as a complex trait. The gene of depression may exist in the family in which it gets transmitted from one generation to another. Personal problems and issues such as isolation or divorce may be a cause of the mental illness due to the feeling of being unwanted (Hammen & Watkins, 2013). Serious illness, which might either be triggered by a medical condition, might lead to the mental disorder causing a change of mood due to too much stress. Conflicts between family members or friends may cause depression since this are people you consider being part of your life and in the case of such a scenario then one might suffer a…show more content…
An antidepressant might be taken to fight the depression or reduce the amount of stress a person has. These medicines include venlafaxine, monoamine oxidase, and desipramine. One major way in which a person can avoid depression is by avoiding stress. Too much stress doesn’t help it only leads the brain to react in a negative forms such as stress (Depression, 2008). In the case of any trace of stress then a victim should seek medical assistance, which treats and avoid depression. Staying healthy involves eating the correct foods with correct amount nutrients. A person should also exercise to lower down adrenaline that may cause anxiety (Kocsis, 2013). A positive attitude helps a person appreciate small things that happen in their life. Being enable lock down any room for stress that may occur is the solution to avoiding a depression; a patient is advised to stay happy. Drugs should be avoided at all times since medical research has shown that they are the major cause of depression (Judd, 1995). Enough rest and sleep enable a person’s brain to relax hence no fatigue, and a person can be able to make informed decisions. Stress management is one of the major things a person should have (Kocsis, 2013). A person should be able to come up with solutions to problems without any form of the anxiety of anger. In case you feel stressed up join a support group where one can freely share out her troubles and anxiety hence people
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