Depression : A Serious Medical Condition

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Depression is a very serious medical condition that many in the society face. Many things can trigger depression, such as a break-up, a death in the family, or even bad news. Depression occurs when certain chemicals in the brain are out of balance. Although depression is serious, it can be treated. Many people with depression never reach out for help, they try to fight through it alone, but some suffering severe depression reach out for help with medicine and or counseling. The problem with depression is, there are many people who suffer from this illness but are left untreated. There are many different forms of depression. One type of depression is major depression, this affects one’s ability to sleep, work, eat, play, or to appreciate…show more content…
This depression usually ceases around spring time. This depression can be treated with light therapy, or antidepressant medication. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness is when one goes through cycling mood changes, from extreme highs to extreme lows. Depression can be treated, the earlier the treatment begins the more effective it. The first step to getting treated is visiting a doctor or a mental health specialist. The reason why a doctor should be seen is because, there are other diseases or disorders that can have the same symptoms as depression. Reaching out for help is very important because if left untreated, depression can ruin one’s life. Untreated depression is a serious problem because it can increase the chances of suicide or self-harm. Untreated depression can also lead to drug use and or alcohol addiction. Depression affects the whole body, mood, and thoughts; it affects everything one does, such as eating, sleeping, and thinking. Having something that affects the way you think and act in a negative way is not healthy. It not only affects the person who is diagnosed, it also affects everyone around them; family, children, and spouse. People who are not treated cannot “pull themselves together”; they need help, especially because depression lasts for weeks, months and even years. Sleep deprivation can occur as well, because sleep patterns are thrown off and sleep
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