Depression Among College Students

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Depression Among College Students A young anonymous college freshman tells a story of the depression she faced throughout her first semester of college, through the transition and her roommate issues. Not only did it occur during her first semester, but through her second as well. Unfortunately, the depression overtook her life to the point of her desire to commit suicide. Luckily, she changed her mind in the last second and saved herself ( This young student is not just one of few depressed college students, but she is one of many. Colleges must take more responsibility of mental health issues, like depression, by researching the causes and effects while discovering beneficial treatments that promote the students’ overall…show more content…
Likewise, students are not used to the new environment and living away from home. Kumaraswamy also talks about students worrying too much and feeling inferior to others around them (139), which relates back to the issues with self-esteem. These are major emotional problems caused by stress, and they can also lead to depression. Field et al. talks about how there were very high depression levels that came with the results of “anxiety, intrusive thoughts, controlling intrusive thoughts, and sleep disturbances” (194). She states how sometimes these “[c]ontrolling intrusive thoughts has also led to insomnia” (Field et al.194). It is apparent that these factors contribute greatly to limited concentration and academic performance. This leads back to the first cause mentioned–academic stress. Student’s who have personal stress and intrusive thoughts can easily fall into depression if not treated. Additionally, Goldring shows that students who are already stressed and depressed experience more problems in school. Researchers have found that the depression in college students has many effects on their daily lives, which bring detrimental outcomes. When students seek help after decreased grades, they often are diagnosed with depression. Students’ grade point averages begin to decrease when they hit a low and depressive state. When a student receives poor grades, their self esteem not only drops but their grades decrease further, causing a deeper plummet into depression. Symptoms
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