Depression Among College Students

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The researchers propose some interpretations of the findings that are subjected to further study.
The occurrence of depression among college students is from their experiences in school, family and peers. College is not also something of a pressure cooker for depression because the more an individual surrounded by people who are depressed is the more he/she may become depressed. We all know that college life is where we experienced more pressure because of adjusting to new life and surroundings and many paper works to be done. But then, people around an individual have a great impact to be depressed. They may be the cause of depression to someone especially when they have something to argue about. And when those people around let them felt irritated. Depression can also occurs when an individual experience traumatic event in the family such as death of relatives, broken family and other family problems. It can also occur in school like exposure to new cultures and alternate ways of thinking.
There are signs and symptoms of depression that the researchers identify. These are constant feeling of sadness, anxiety and emptiness, a general feeling of pessimism sets in, the person feels hopeless, individuals can feel restless, sufferer may experience irritability, patients may lose interest in activities or hobbies they once enjoyed, he/she may…
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