Depression And Anxiety Of Kirsten Scheimreif

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The patient, Kirsten Scheimreif, has been experiencing episodes of depression and anxiety from a recent family encounter. Kirsten was with her father’s side of the family during a holiday event and she was fully aware of her father’s recent attempt at becoming sober. Kirsten informed her father’s side of the family of her wishes of having a nonalcoholic holiday event in honor of her father trying to become sober. She was told by her family that her wishes would be respected from all family members at the event. During the holiday event, Kirsten was notified by her younger brother, Brendan, that family members were hiding their alcoholic drinks from her. Kirsten was under the impression that everyone had accepted and was respecting her …show more content…
The negative ways of thinking are very prominent in Kirsten’s case as she clearly expresses feelings of betrayal and hurt, as well as exhibiting a few self-defeating ways of thinking. Since the negative ways of thinking have been identified a therapist can work with Kirsten to replace the negative ways of thinking by providing more positive and adaptive ways of thinking. To provide Kirsten with more positive and adaptive ways of thinking, therapy sessions should focus on positive self-talk and control of negative thoughts and feelings directed towards the holiday event. Cognitive behavior therapy is commonly used in children and adolescence who are typically Kirsten’s age who are suffering from disorders involving anxiety and depression. Kirsten would benefit from modeling in therapy sessions to give her a chance to practice new attitudes associated with alcohol and stressful events that she may encounter in the future. Cognitive behavior therapy can be used with or without other therapies and medication for an overall treatment plan (Cognitive Behavior Therapy, 2001). Kirsten’s mild depression and anxiety does not possess the immediate need for medication or other therapy options; however, if need be for future, Kirsten may benefit from SSRI’s medication. The use of

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