Depression And Anxiety Of Kirsten Scheimreif

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The patient, Kirsten Scheimreif, has been experiencing episodes of depression and anxiety from a recent family encounter. Kirsten was with her father’s side of the family during a holiday event and she was fully aware of her father’s recent attempt at becoming sober. Kirsten informed her father’s side of the family of her wishes of having a nonalcoholic holiday event in honor of her father trying to become sober. She was told by her family that her wishes would be respected from all family members at the event. During the holiday event, Kirsten was notified by her younger brother, Brendan, that family members were hiding their alcoholic drinks from her. Kirsten was under the impression that everyone had accepted and was respecting her wishes of a zero alcohol policy at this holiday event. Kirsten became very angry and hurt when she discovered that family members were sneaking around with alcohol at the holiday event. Kirsten’s brother Brendan also informed her that everyone else knew alcohol was present at the holiday and that they all knew to hide it from her, including her father. As a result of this betrayal from her family, Kirsten has refused to talk and associate herself with her father’s side of the family.
Theoretical Orientation- Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy is a “therapeutic approach based on the principle that maladaptive moods and behavior can be changed by replacing distorted or inappropriate ways of thinking with thought
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