Depression And Bipolar Support Alliance

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There is an illness like none other, that sweeps across nations but is not contagious. It withdraws any and all feelings of all from from every area of life. Many experience it after a specific situation that elicits extreme sadness, loss, or pain. Other’s feel it for no apparent reason and are left seemingly to fend for themselves in the only dark abyss that they know. This malady is known as depression affects many people of all kinds every singly year. If the world knew how depression truly affects its victims, it would realize it’s not merely a mood or emotion one experiences, but rather a true and physical disease. According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in the year 2005, about 14.8 million United States citizens over the age of eighteen were affected by the mental illness, depression (n. pag). Fortunately eighty percent of those who received treatment were able to improve within the first six weeks (n. pag). While this is a vast problem across all parts of the world, it is unfortunate that those who do not have it do not understand the toll it takes on those who do. Many suspect the sickness to be entirely emotional and void of any logic. Yet this belief is largely untrue. Depression is not simply a “mood” . In fact, there are many physical consequences of the illness. Those with depression have unusually slow speech and movements, suffers from little to no appetite, finds him or herself feeling worse after sleep, and other many physical issues
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