Depression And Childhood Depression

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Being one of the most common mental illnesses, depression controls the lives of individuals all over the world. Whereas many would assume that only adults and teenagers suffer from depression, that is entirely false. Children are often told they are too sensitive when it comes to feeling depressed, which results in them suppressing their true feelings. Due to the fact that children are not taken seriously and lack the help they need, their mental health does not heal, which can result in other mental illnesses or even suicide.
Childhood depression is real, and the mental illness differs from regular sadness. Both adult depression and childhood depression have similar indicators. These symptoms include feelings of hopelessness, low
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Consulting a doctor and a mental health care professional is the most crucial step in diagnosing depression in any adult, adolescent, or child. For cases of childhood depression, visiting a doctor and mental health care professional who specialize in children’s health is the best option. Parents and guardians are legally responsible for their children’s well-being, so it is important for adults to observe kid’s behaviors and talk to a doctor if they see or hear something they do not feel is healthy. Every family deserves to have professional care providers that they trust, especially when dealing with emotional and personal topics like depression.
Even though there are professionals who want to help children heal both mentally and physically, not everyone gets the assistance they need. In an article by the American Psychological Association entitled “Children’s Mental Health,” it states that “an estimated 15 million of our nation's young people can currently be diagnosed with a mental health disorder.” (APA) However, the article goes on to reveal that only about seven percent of the youth get the mental help they need and deserve. If children suffering from mental illnesses carry their issues into adulthood,
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