Depression And Discrimination In The United States

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Discrimination What is discrimination? Some times people don't know when they are discriminating someone. Being discriminated hurts its victims deep in there personal life. Even though not everyone experiences discrimination, it has been going on for along time. African Americans who are being discriminated against might feel bad about who they are, and stoping it will probably take longer than we can imagine. Discrimination began along time ago. It would have started the very first time someone thought themselves better that someone else. "I thought comparing people at exactly the same income level would get rid of more of the neighborhood differences than it did.” (5) Leonhardt. Even after these things are gone people will still distrust…show more content…
Depression is a common factor between discrimination victims. “Although most people experience sadness at one time or another, in the United States between 8 and 26 percent of the population meet the psychiatric criteria for clinical depression.” Wilma(1) That number is way to high. Taking out racism will Drop it at lest 2-3%. Depression starts to show in the victims social life.“Depression is a mental disorder grounded in the social realities and expectations” Mankiller, Willma (12). This can mean that someones expectation of themselves may go down because of being discriminated. This is bad because they will think less and less of themselves until the just give up. Stoping discrimination is something that is almost never going to happen. Discrimination has been going on for so long, why will it just stop any time soon. “Many of the nation's racial disparities stem from the simple economic fact that white families make more money than black families on average, a gap that has remained stubbornly large in recent decades.” New York Times(1).This gap is what is helping keep discrimination alive."I was surprised by the magnitude,"Sean Reardon(1).Usually when someone learns that someone is not making as much money as them they think less of the
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