Depression And Its Effects On America

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It became clear what Tom was going through and why (Given, et al., 2004). Another point to add here is that Tom might have gone through depression during his father 's final days and after (Gries, C. J., Engelberg, R. A., Kross, E. K., Zatzick, D., Nielsen, E. L., Downey, L., & Curtis, J. R. 2010), and it is a possibility that he is picturing himself going through the same pain of loss with regards to his mother, which is causing him depression. Moreover, a final revelation by Eric was that Tom has turned towards alcohol for support and has made a routine of drinking excessive alcohol every other day until he can no longer stay awake. Again, alcohol can be a major contributor to depression and can increase the chances of it becoming severe and can also prolong the duration of it (Boden, J. M., & Fergusson, D. M. 2011). After collecting as much information as possible about Tom from his family I have an idea about how he was prior to the tragic incidents that occurred. He was an active, smart and a hard-working man. He was reliable as his father often asked him for advice in different matters but he was also very actively helpful towards family and friends in general.

Treatment Plan
As Tom 's therapist I believe Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) would be the best treatment plan for him to get most effective results. There is also the option of prescribed medication however, people like to avoid them due to their side effects. According to Beck (1979) cognitive…
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