Depression And Its Effects On Depression

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Depression is a widely misunderstood disorder. It is a psychological condition that greatly effects the way one thinks, feels and subsequently behaves. “Some authorities have estimated that at least 12% of the adult population have had or will have an episode of depression of sufficient clinical severity to warrant treatment” (Schuyler and Katz as cited by Beck, 1979, p.1). Depression is not fleeting and effects individuals differently. The treatment of depression has become extensively medicalized. However, the widespread use of a pharmacotherapeutic approaches tends to obscure the need for individualized, talk-based treatment. “Popular belief holds that antidepressant medications, particularly the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are plainly the most potent treatment for depression. But in fact, there is no stronger medicine for depression than psychotherapy” (Prochaska & Norcross, 2010, p. 532). Depression is a complex condition, with varying levels of depth and severity. “Thfe value of developing an effective psychotherapy for depression, determine its indications and contraindications, and establishing its role in the overall management of the depressed patient would seem to be self-evident” (Beck, 1979, p.2). Thus, the importance of developing and employing effective psychotherapeutic approaches of treatment cannot be overlooked. A variety of treatments exist, however, cognitive behavioral therapy and animal-assisted therapy offer differed, yet effective
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