Depression And Its Effects On Depression

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Life will not be perfect all the time. Sometimes, we might suffer from failure and sadness in our daily life, but all we need to do is think positively and try to solve every problem. However, people in the society nowadays always live under pressure and stress, if people hide their feeling and pressure all the time they will likely to suffer from depression. What is the meaning of depression? Depression can actually affect people’s thought and feelings, people who suffer from depression may feel sad, hopeless and lose their direction in doing things. Even though depression is a common illness in the society, people still consider depression as a sensitive topic and does not talk much about it. In fact, people have to be aware of this serious problem and try to overcome depression by standing strong together with people who suffer from this mental illness and stop the ignorance toward this group of people. There are social media that report about depression through different context just to let people know more about depression. The website of Upworthy talked about depression through 10 comic panels, the author of this text is Kayla Stewart who also post and write things that matter on Twitter and Facebook. For example, the life of people who suffer from depression can be reflect through the comic panels and most of the audience of this text are netizens who read text via website. Furthermore, there is a video that appears on the website of Ted which talk about depression,
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