Depression And Its Effects On Mental Illness

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To some people, dying sounds much more pleasurable than to live through each day with depression. Several societies consider mental health a topic of taboo in today’s society. Due to the lack of education and conversation about mental illnesses and how to properly handle them, many people are ignorant to the subject. Depression, in particular, is an incredibly common disorder and, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), about 1 in 5 adults are diagnosed with a mental disorder (3). A mind-baffling number, one in five adults, proves the prevalence of mental illness. To others, depression can appear to be an act of selfishness or a way to seek attention. Often times, people use phrases that take away from the true…show more content…
As reported by NAMI, the depressed begin to show “lack of interest” in pleasurable day to day tasks (2). Daily life becomes less meaningful when an illness becomes the only topic of importance in someone’s life. According to C. Emily Durbin, a common symptom of depression is the cease of participating in daily activities; Durbin claims depression makes life “unbearable” (89). The questioning and labels may drive the depressed to feel like his or her life is “unbearable.” Considering depression is so destructive, these people may be lead to contemplate suicide, as they may not realize life beyond the labels. Second, the misunderstanding of the depressed may drive them to suicide. Without battling depression first hand, comprehending the experience may prove to be a challenge. Claims made by NAMI state that the depressed have “difficulty perceiving reality,” (website updated) but maybe, society has difficulty with perception. Although a complicated medical issue, people tend to romanticize depression. Society, especially teenagers, view an aching heart and constant pain as beautiful. Boys and girls slice the flesh behind their sleeves to prove their sadness. Black liner is pushed into the skin below people’s eyelids to show the world their illness. Due to the fact that society portrays depression as cuts, bruises and tears, people pay no mind to the women and men who hide behind a smile; people miss
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