Depression And Its Effects On Society

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Everyday, billions of people read whether they want to or not because it helps them do copious amounts of daily actions, such as reading signs while driving or ordering food at a restaurant. Everyone likes to read because society requires everyone to read to perform almost everything in life, so why can’t people read to help clear their minds? In today’s society, a newly introduced psychiatric therapy called bibliotherapy helps restore many people’s ailments, such as depression, one piece of literature at a time. Depression is a major disorder that thousands have had to live with everyday, but less than half go to a form of therapy for the disorder. Bibliotherapy can either be prescribed by themselves or they can get a doctor to give recommendations. Bibliotherapy helps with depression by showing better results than other therapies and by empathizing with many characters and situations within different pieces of literature, such as novels, self-help books, and poetry. In many depressed minds, one of the symptoms is that most of the day, people are sad or have feelings of hopelessness. Not many people show happiness throughout their daily lives which is a big problem. If someone gets treatment through bibliotherapy, it may show countless positive outcomes, such as happiness and a better mood throughout their life. In the article “Can Reading Make You Happier?” by Ceridwen Dovey, she shows how reading can make you happier by providing interviews that show the insight into
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