Depression And Its Effects On Society

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Adolescent Depression Depression is a common mental illness that can affect anyone at any age and causes issues for their daily lives and and has a significant impact on adolescents. Adolescents are prime targets for depression because they are still maturing making the causes of depression, such as a traumatic event or simply bullying, have a larger impact on their mental health. Depression is an illness that not only affects those who have it but the people around them due to the need of support to help them go through their daily lives. Depression is an illness whose causes and symptoms vary from person to person by age, gender, and overall mental status. There are many treatment methods for depression but there is no one way that works…show more content…
There are many causes of depression, many of which vary from person to person. There is no one definitive cause of depression but there are many factors that play a part in becoming depressed. Some ways depression is brought on to someone is through a traumatic event, being surrounded by pessimistic thinking as a child, or it can simply be inherited(Carey 1). A traumatic event such as the death of a loved one can severely impact your mental health and cause depression, especially in adolescents who are significantly more vulnerable to what goes on around them due to their still developing minds and bodies. Adolescents are heavily influenced by their role models and if those role models have constant pessimistic and a overall depressing mood, the adolescent may follow in their footsteps and develop a form of depression(Cohen 1). Finally, depression is believed to be an inherited trait. If a close relative suffers from depression it may cause you to show signs of depression, however it usually takes other factors to trigger the depression (Grohol 1). Depression can be brought on by a variety of ways, and can also have many different symptoms associated with it based off the level of depression. Although depression may not lead directly to physical harm, and can change your life drastically. Depression causes a severe mood change that can lead to major changes in a
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