Depression And Its Effects On Society

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Just about everyone feels an occasionally overwhelming sense of extreme melancholy. Thus, this emotional state is usually short-lived. When one suffers from depression, it impacts day-to-day life and causes unspeakable torment for the sufferer and his or her loved one. Thus, depression is uncompromising yet a common emotional, medical issue involving the human brain and appallingly disturbs more than 20 million people in the United States alone. Since there is a lack of knowledge about certain mental disorders like depression, people that endure psychological conditions succumb to unnecessary stereotyping. Thus, society is considerably misguided by stereotypes founded upon fabricated material, many people are considered to be tremendously eccentric or emotionally unstable. Consequently, there are myriad forms of depression that are severely debilitating. Major depression disorder (MDD), brutal symptoms that interfere one’s ability to eat, work, study, and appreciate life (Cassano, Fava, 2002, NIMH 2014, Vinton Today). An unfortunate episode can transpire only once in a person’s lifetime, but more often, a person has several episodes. Persistent depressive disorder is a depressed disposition that persists for at least two years or more. Furthermore, an individual diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder may experience assaults of major downheartedness, along with intervals of less austere symptoms, but indications must endure for two years (NIMH 2014). Psychotic
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